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April 2017 Newsletter

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St. Paul Ev. Lutheran Church

800 South Division Street

Chenoa, Il  61726


April 5, 2017   



How do I begin a newsletter in the month of Easter? On the one hand, I could begin by wishing you greetings and with a word of celebration about Christ’s victory over death. But as I write this, and as most of you read it, that hasn’t actually happened yet. We are still days away from Holy Week. Days away from celebrating with crowds and singing “Hosanna!” to our king as he enters into Jerusalem. A week away from joining him and the twelve as they gather in the upper room for Jesus’ final meal, his final celebration of the Passover, his institution of the Lord’s Supper, and his betrayal by Judas. We are still more than a week away from Jesus’ death on the cross, and the lifeless body of the Son of God being laid in a tomb. With all that still to come, it’s hard to begin with too much joy.


Isn’t that how life goes so often?   So many things, so many challenges, so many difficulties.  There is so much pain and frustration and anxiety that it can be hard to be joyful. It can be hard, at times, to find reason for hope. Yet hope is just what Easter brings. In Christ, we have hope. By what he has done, we are born again. Our lives of sin and sadness are replaced by new life in the one who saves us.


This Easter, this will be our focus and theme. We will hear each Sunday from 1 Peter. It’s a book that speaks about the harsh reality that the children of God will face trial, rejection, and hardship. But throughout it points to the hope that we have in Christ. Peter points again and again to the joy that is ours because by Christ’s death and resurrection we have been born into a living, imperishable hope.


This Holy Week, this Easter season, never lose sight of the empty tomb. While it is good and right to be somber at the death of our Lord, a death he suffered by our hands, we hear that story knowing how it ends. We know that he comes down from the cross. He rises from the dead. And he promises us by his grace that on the last day we will rise with him to live forever.


                                              In Christ, Pastor Jeremy



St. Paul’s Discipleship

Date Attendance Offering Missions Communed
03-02 61 354.00   58
03-05 88 2433.00 175.00 80
03-08 56 664.00   54
03-12 90 1645.00 25.00 81
03-15 56 313.00   48
03-19 87 1775.00 25.00 78
03-22 38 174.00   35
03-26 83 1782.00 175.00 72
03-29 51 362.00   47

VBS                                             120.00

HIS Kids                                      500.00

Memorial                                       75.00

Ladies                                            50.00





Mary Ellen Knack has transferred her membership to Christ Lutheran, Normal.  We ask God’s blessings upon her new fellowship.


On Sunday, April 9, three young people will confirm their baptismal vows.  We ask God’s blessings upon Megan Rhoda, Paige Weber and Nolan Verdun. 





Mark your calendars--VBS will be held June 5-9 this year.  Monday-Thursday in the morning with a Friday evening session and closing ceremony.


 Anna Schmidgall, once again, will be heading up the VBS this year and she needs some supplies for VBS and it might take awhile to come up with it.


VBS Needs your donations!

Anyone willing to donate the following please bring them to the church or contact Anna at 217 433 2074 or



Large appliance boxes or card board sheets...we need lots of card board!!

Long wrapping paper tubes 

Rolls of gray duct tape 

2 wooden pallets




Please consider volunteering to help with VBS this year!  We will need station and group leaders as well as help decorating and setting up for the week.  Click here or go to to register online today!



HIS KIDS Preschool is now accepting registrations for the 2017-18 term.  Children must be 3 or 4 years old by September 1st to be registered.  Please call the church office and leave a message, or call Kathy Trachsel at 815-822-0928 for further information.  





Our sincere thanks to those who provided and served Lenten Meals—Joy Poppe, Judy Bertsche, Cheryl Jolly, Lois Pulaski, Pam Norris, Marci Beitz, Kim Beitz, Diane Brandt, Carolyn Shane, Stacey Shrewsbury, Ann Meyer, Kathy Trachsel, Leda Thacker, Gloria Huling, the Raber family, Stacey Schuler, the Miller family, Becky Freed, Krista Verdun, Neta Erdman and Ruth Latzke.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.


Our thanks to those who served in the ministry of delivering Peace Meals this past month—Kenny and Carolyn Shane, Jim and Pam Raymond, Fred Rhoda and Jim Huling who delivered three weeks.  We appreciate your efforts.


From Our Parish Nurse                                                            Pam Norris

Gardening offers quite the physical workout.  Digging up soil, moving it around, and lunging bags of fertilizer or mulch provides good cardio exercise.  Planting seeds, bulbs, or bushes makes you stretch and use muscle groups that went dormant over the winter.  Heavy watering cans become dumbbells as you water your plants and work your biceps.  Gardening also provides therapy for those recovering from stroke or who need to improve motor skills and range of motion.  Exercise from gardening can help you prevent heart disease, obesity, and hypertension so use good body mechanics, soak up some sunshine and start your journey to health.


Hand Washing and Sanitizers Improve School Attendance   

Consistent hand washing throughout the day and the use of gel hand sanitizers can improve student attendance in the classroom. Absenteeism due to colds, flu and other illness is a problem for most schools and universities, resulting in more than 164 million lost school days per school year. 


One study touting the effects of hand washing involved 305 Detroit grade school children who washed their hands four times a day. Teachers in six classrooms had children wash their hands on arrival to school, before lunch, after recess and before leaving for the day. By comparing sick days for students in a 37 day period to eight other classrooms that did not schedule hand washings, the results were the students who washed regularly had 24 percent fewer sick days due to respiratory illness. These students also had51 percent fewer days lost because of stomach discomfort.


Another study involved 400 college students from the University of Colorado, Boulder. In this study, researchers recognized the challenges of consistent hand washing because of the lack of sinks in classrooms. As an alternative, gel hand sanitizer dispensers were installed in classrooms and in the dining hall. The result of the eight-week study found that the 200 students who consistently used the hand sanitizer (in addition to regular hand washing in the bathroom) missed 43 percent fewer school days than the 200 students in the control group.


Teachers and parents need to encourage children to wash their hands on a regular basis, especially before eating, after being outdoors, playing with pets, after using the bathroom and after blowing their noses. Even though hands may appear to be clean, they may carry germs or microorganisms that can cause illnesses. Don't assume that children know how to wash their hands properly. Watch them wash and help them form good hand washing habits.


Finally, children learn by example. As a teacher or a parent, let your children observe your good hand washing techniques to learn how to do it properly.


Printed by permission of Better Health – Source Minnesota Department of Health &




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