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August 2017 Newsletter

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St. Paul Ev. Lutheran Church

800 South Division Street

Chenoa, Il  61726


July 28, 2017


“Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”Philippians 3:13b-14


          Fair time is upon us. Projects are being completed, animals are being prepared, and practice is being done not solely for the sake of fun or information, but for ribbons. Whether it’s for making a quilt, the perfectly baked pie, or a well-bred cow, the goal is to win a blue ribbon.  Sure, we say the journey is the most important thing when we lose, but the reason all the time and effort gets put in is because we want to win the prize!


          Saint Paul was definitely focused on winning the prize. He didn’t endure constant arrests, beatings, and persecution because he enjoyed it. He didn’t endure shipwrecks and snakebites because they were good for building character. Everything he did, he did in order to win the prize. A participation trophy wasn’t going to cut it. The benefits of the experience were, on their own, utterly worthless without the prize.


          What was the prize? It wasn’t a blue ribbon. It wasn’t a trophy. It wasn’t a scholarship. The prize toward which Paul tirelessly strained is found a couple verses before the ones found above. In Philippians 3:8-10 he says that he has suffered and endured pain and loss “in order that I may gain Christ and be found in him…that I may know him and the power of his resurrection, and may share his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, that by any means possible I may attain the resurrection from the dead.”


          Talk about a prize! All the awards, all the trophies, all the ribbons, all the accolades we might otherwise win in this life are fading glories. They get packed away, lost, and tossed in the trash. Even the ones we hold close and cherish our entire lives become worthless to us the moment we take our final breath. But the prize we have in Christ…that prize lasts forever. It doesn’t end at death, because the prize is a life free from death! Forever!


          And the best part about this prize? It isn’t won based on our performance. Our skills, our talents…they mean nothing. It is a prize won and freely given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ. Yet it is a prize we strain to receive. So many things, both from the world outside and from within our own sinful hearts, try to trip us up and make us fall short. Sin and Satan strive to snatch away the prize that is ours. The victory is won, but we endure and persevere so that we might take hold of it.


          Just as we don’t win the prize on our own, we aren’t left to our own strength to reach our destination. Our gracious God offers us strength in the form of his holy Word and Sacraments. He refreshes us in holy worship. He encourages us by surrounding us with fellow believers who serve as models to follow and sources of comfort and help in times of need.

          As you push onward toward the goal and prize of eternal life and salvation, take heart and rejoice that your journey isn’t undertaken alone, and that your victory is already assured.


In Christ,

     Pastor Jeremy








St. Paul’s Discipleship

Date Attendance Offering Missions
07-02 83 2701.00 25.00
07-09 83 2872.00 50.00
07-16 83 1803.00 35.00
07-23 92 3477.56 25.00
Ladies   50.00  

On June 4, 2017, Griffin Kent Hansen and Braxton Dean Hansen became children of God by the washing of Holy Baptism.  They are the children of Jorgeon and Erica Hansen and Matthew Erdman served as their sponsor.  Griffin was born August 21, 2015 and Braxton was born October 21, 2016.  We ask God’s blessings upon these children and their parents.




Jim and Gloria Huling have transferred their membership to St Paul's Lutheran Church in Sevierville, Tennessee.  May God bless them in their new fellowship.






to Earl Ellinger who has joined our family of God.  Earl was a member of Trinity Lutheran in Pontiac before it closed. 






Our sympathy to the families of Cody White and Randall Bohm.  Cody was the husband of Teri Shiflett White and Randall was the husband of Rachel Rhoda Bohm.  Both gentlemen passed away this past month.


ictures for the new Church Directory will be taken on September 15th and 16th.   Krista Verdun and Lois Pulaski will be taking appointments. 


Please join Jim and Pam Raymond as they celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary with an open house on Sunday, August 6th, from 4-7 PM at El Paso Golf Club, 2860 County Road 600 North, Kappa IL.   [No gifts please]

From Our Parish Nurse                                                  Pam Norris

Blood Pressure check will be after worship on August 6.

For the food pantry, let’s collect personal items: this can include: shampoo, conditioner, body soap, shaving cream razors, deodorant.


Life never stays the same.  There are several stages with unique challenges that make each one memorable. As new parents you added new responsibilities and a baby to your life while trying to establish yourselves as a couple.  This new role means sharing your partner with someone else so make sure you talk to each other, have a date night, and share your struggles.  Adjustment is easier when you know what challenges exist.

The next stage is the teen years and the bid for independence.  This coincides with financial concerns such as maintaining a home, supporting the family, preparing for college, and possibly helping an elderly parent.  Know that the caregiver role for your child is starting to end.  To prepare your child for adulthood, teach him/her about the financial and personal responsibility and be open with your spouse about any conflicts you have about letting go.

Next is sending your child off to college, career, or marriage.  You are no longer the parent/controller but a friend/advisor.  If this is your last child it may mean reconnecting with your spouse since the previous years have been focused on your child(ren).  You might also be adding the role of caregiver for a parent.  Keep in mind as you struggle with your changing roles, your parent is also struggling with his/her loss of independence.  Be patient, include your parent in decisions when possible, ask siblings and friends for help, and be honest about your feelings.

The last stage is retirement where some have a loss of identity because they no longer work while others find new beginnings.  To make the transition successful, consciously look for things to do.  Resurrect an old hobby or find a new one.  Travel to visit family and spend time with your grandchildren.  If you can’t travel, call them on the phone or use email, or FaceTime with them.  Stay connected and interested and you will find a whole new world.

Newsletter Series ….

          I am continuing to visit and interview members of our congregation and those interviews appear again in this newsletter.  If you would rather not be interviewed, please tell me when I call you. 

                                                                                Joy Poppe


Leda Thacker was born April 24, 1931 in the town of Londonderry in Vinton County Ohio.  She was married for about 30 years and she has one son and two grandchildren.  Leda was confirmed as an adult and has been a member of our church since March 2001.   The friendly people at our church is what she likes most.  Visiting with people and sitting on her back porch watching the world go by is her favorite way to spend her free time.  She recalls her favorite childhood memory was on Christmas Eve when she was not very old—her mother was in the kitchen baking cookies and her father was sitting in his big chair and she was running back and forth between the kitchen and living room and in walked Santa Claus in the front door.  Her father told her not be frightened, as it was just Santa Claus.  If she could talk to anyone it would be her mother and her friend, Dick.  She would like to be remembered as a kind person and she wishes she were better at holding her temper.  [Editor’s note-I have never seen her have a temper at all.]  When she was younger she wanted to be involved more in real estate; she did some in Ohio and she worked for General Motors in Ohio.  Her first job was at Atlas Laundry folding dish towels.  People would be surprised that she would like to fly an airplane as she has always been fascinated with airplanes.  Leda feels that her mother and dad had the greatest influence on her life and her favorite saying is “Oh Shoot!”







Joe Bertsche was born August 15, 1944 at Pontiac.  He and Judy were married June 14, 1964 and have been married 53 years.  They have two children and five grandchildren.  Joe likes most that our church is the true foundation of Christianity and likes what the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod stands for.  He has been a member of our church since 1966 and was confirmed as an adult.  His favorite way to spend his free time involved model trains of which he has a collection.  Recalling his favorite childhood memories would include baling hay in the summertime and shelling corn with the neighborhood crew and the camaraderie.  If he could talk to anyone it would be to parents.  He would like to be remembered as someone who treats everyone fair and right.  He wishes he were better at planting straighter corn rows.  When he was younger he wanted to be a farmer and his first job was working as a hired hand on the farm for his cousin.  People would be surprised if he dressed up as a cowboy and went shooting.  He feels that George Powell had the greatest influence on his life.  His favorite political saying is, “You get nothing for nothing, Santa Claus is dead.’


Judy Bertsche was born July 7, 1944 and has been a member of our church since baptism in 1944.  She and Joe were married June 14, 1964 and have been married 53 years.  They have two children and five grandchildren.  Judy went three years to Confirmation on Saturdays and one year on Fridays after school in Lexington.  She likes the togetherness of our church, that it is family oriented and if there is a need, everyone pitches in.  Spending time with her grandchildren is her favorite way to spend her free time.  Her favorite childhood memories include spending time with her grandparents, the Ice Cream Social and playing baseball at Vacation Bible School at the church in the country.  If she could talk to anyone, it would be her Aunt Ruby Pils.  She would like to be remembered as a helpful person and wishes she were better at managing her time.  When she was younger, she wanted to be a deaconess or a dental hygienist.  Detasseling corn was her first job.  People would be surprised that she would like to go on a Mission Trip.  Grandpa and Grandma Pils probably had the greatest influence on her life.  Her favorite quote is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”


Loren Poppe was born July 13, 1942 at Fairbury.  He and Joy were married Mother’s Day, May 12, 1968 and will be married 50 years next year.  Loren went one year to Confirmation and was confirmed with seven others at Immanuel Lutheran.  He has been a member here at St. Paul since 1969.  They have two daughters and four grandchildren.  He likes most about our church is its Biblical teachings.  His favorite way to spend his free time is watching White Sox baseball and watching his grandchildren play baseball, volleyball or basketball.  His favorite childhood memory is the great summertime with NO school.  If he could talk to anyone it would be his parents and grandparents.  He would like to be remembered as a good grandfather.  He wishes he were better at organization.  When he was younger he wanted to be a baseball player and/or a farmer.  His first job was baling hay.  He feels that his Grandpa Poppe had the greatest influence on his life who raised five young boys on his own. 


Joy Poppe was born August 3, 1944 in Fairbury.  She and Loren were married on Mother’s Day, May 12, 1968.  She went to Confirmation on Saturdays for three years and then for one year to Lexington on Fridays after school because our church was without a pastor.  She and Judy Bertsche were the only confirmands from Chenoa and Judy’s Grandpa Pils was responsible for them taking to St. Paul, Lexington after school on Fridays.  The Sunday morning Bible Study is what she likes best about our church.  She has been a member since baptism in 1944.  She likes to spend her free time with her family and loves to play cards.  Her favorite childhood memory is the excitement of going to church on Christmas Eve for the Children’s Program and coming home and finding presents.  If she could talk to anyone it would her grandma and her dad.  She wishes she had some musical talent as both her dad and grandmother could play many instruments by ear.  When she was younger she wanted to work in a small office and her first job was detasseling corn.  People would be surprised that she would like to try bungee jumping.  She feels her grandmother had the greatest influence on her life, whose life was influenced by her ‘faith, family and friends.’