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October 2017 Newsletter

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St. Paul Ev. Lutheran Church

800 South Division Street

Chenoa, Il  61726


September 28, 2017

This October 31st will mark the 500th anniversary of one of the most significant moments in church history. In Wittenberg, Germany, a professor and pastor nailed a list of theses to the church door.   95 of them, to be specific. All the professor was trying to do was start a conversation about the manner in which indulgences were being sold in the surrounding region. Little did he know that his act, his desire to be faithful to the teachings of God’s Word, would kick-start a movement that would spread throughout the world.


Martin Luther didn’t ask to be made into a hero. He wasn’t looking to have a movement or a church body named after him. He just wanted people to know the grace of God found in Christ Jesus as revealed in Scripture. He just happened to be the right man in the right place at the right time. His heart was for the gospel and the comfort of sinners in distress and full of guilt on account of Rome’s teachings. What happened because of him was the work of the Holy Spirit.

This October we will be doing the 3rd part of the Bible study “A Man Named Martin.” Where the first two focused on “The Man” and “The Moment,” this study will take a deeper look at “The Movement.” Over these five studies, we will see “how the Reformation accelerated the transformation of a world already in flux. While armed conflicts, theological disputes, and heated controversies marked segments of society throughout medieval Europe, the march of the Reformation left its imprint on the face of culture and citizen alike. Everything from education, politics, science, theology, marriage, and the family-and even extending to one's view of vocation and his relationship to God-came under the shaping and seminal influence of the Reformation.”


But even that doesn’t capture it all. What started as a purely theological dispute ended up giving fruit to ideas that made their way to the New World and influenced the founding of this country via ideas about individual rights and representative democracy.



As those who belong to the church body that bears his name, we owe a great debt to the work of Martin Luther. But as we celebrate the anniversary of the Reformation, as we look at what it accomplished, we do so not to worship or glorify Luther himself. Rather, we give thanks to God for what he has revealed to us and the world. Because ultimately the Reformation isn’t about a man and what those inspired by him accomplished. The gift of the Reformation is that it turns the focus of our faith away from ourselves and toward the cross of Jesus Christ. In Christ alone we find our hope. By grace alone are we saved. Through Scripture alone are we made able to know the greatness of our mighty God.


In Christ,

Pastor Jeremy

St. Paul’s Discipleship

Date Attendance Offering Missions
09-03 75 5647.00 3.00
09-10 114 3529.00 178.00
09-17 86 2012.00 55.00
09-24 86 2897.00 45.00
New Entry way doors   1000.00  


Confirmation classes continues on Wednesdays, 6:15 – 7:30 PM. 


Something to think about----this coming year there will be a need for three elders.  Give it some thought and pray about it, could you serve in this capacity?  If so, contact Greg Reed.



Our thanks to those who delivered Peace Meals the month of September.  All of the recipients greatly appreciate your efforts.   Those that delivered meals include:  Judy Rhoda, Nancy Nylander, Jim Raymond, Fred Rhoda, Darwin Rhoda, Gerald and Ramona Schuler, Pastor Jeremy, Carolyn Shane, Loren and Joy Poppe, and Judy Bertsche.


Chenoa Peace Meals is a nutritional program for those 60 and over.  We would like to invite you join our weekly parties.  We host parties themed around holiday, games and birthdays.  So please join us for some amazing company and a great meal.  Home delivered meals are an option for those individuals unable to get out of the house.  Please call 815 945-5701 [Barb Vanhouten] to answer any questions.   There are still some spots on the September calendar for delivering meals, if you could serve in this ministry.


We have received a ‘Thank You’ from our adopted seminary student thanking us for our continued support in prayer and finances; and telling us we are blessing to them as he enters his final stretch at the seminary. 

                                                                 Jonathan, Dana, Asher and Eva McCall


September Perfect Attendance



Jarret Gooding


First-Second Grade

Jacsen Gooding

Third-Fifth Grade

Alexis Gooding                                                  

Isaac Latzke

Brooklyn McBride

Peter Schuler

Cole Weber

Sixth-Seventh Grade

Clayton Beitz

Ben Rhoda

Aaron Shrewsbury

Eighth Grade-High School

Chase Beitz

Elijah Beitz

Hannah Norris

Nic Rhoda

Paige Weber

In Prayer

Please keep the Preschool – Second Grade teachers and students in your prayers during the month of October.  For our teachers: Mrs. Danielle Gooding and Mrs. Cherlyn McBride, pray that God may grant them wisdom, strength and knowledge to share His Word with the children and to help them grow spiritually.  For our students: Brock, Cady &Ty Freed, Jacsen & Jarret Gooding, Bryce & Reese Meyer and Carolyn, Elaine &Henry Schmidgall, that they may understand the depth of God’s love for them as they grow to become strong men and women who live for God’s Glory.

Growing in Christ for Preschool – Seventh Grade

9/10: “The Wisdom of Solomon” served as the focus for the first Sunday of School.  Solomon, though wise, needed what we and all sinners need: Christ, Wisdom Himself, and the forgiveness He brings.  Something to consider: How has God shown you His wisdom?


9/17: This Sunday School lesson focused on “Solomon Builds the Temple.” Though God resided within the Old Testament temple, He, was hidden behind the veil in the Most Holy Place.  Jesus is the unveiled Most Holy Place, accessible to all, enfolding believers in the arms of His Word and Sacraments.  Something to consider: Where do you see Jesus today?


9/24: For the final Sunday in September, the Sunday School lesson studied, “God Provides for Elijah.”  Just as God provided food and life for Elijah, the widow, and her son, so He provides food, forgiveness, and life eternal for us in Christ.  Something to consider: In what ways does God provide for you today?



The 500th anniversary of the Reformation is an opportunity to connect students to the events, times and teachings that rooted Lutheranism.  During Sunday School on October 29, preschool-7th grade students will come together as one class to learn about the life, influences and teachings of Martin Luther. To learn more about the Reformation go to:



This year, Preschool – High School will send our Sunday School offerings to LCMS World Relief and Human Care, Disaster Response. The LCMS Disaster Response responds to immediate and long-term needs following natural and man-made disasters. Working through LCMS districts and congregations as well as with international Lutheran churches and other partners, LCMS Disaster Response builds capacity of the church’s partners to respond to needs with Christian care. The ministry reaches out to LCMS congregations and their communities with services that include on-site assessment, emergency relief and development grants, pastoral care for LCMS church workers and members, and other resources. The goal is to raise $500 for the year.  For the month of September, we reached 9% of our goal. To learn more about LCMS Disaster Response go to:

From Our Parish Nurse                                      Pam Norris


Blood pressure checks will be done after worship on Sunday, October 1st.


It’s that time of year for donations for our blanket ministry. 


Every fall our church contributes and makes fleece blankets for the patrons of the food pantry.

Prayerfully consider contributing coordinating pieces of fleece for these blankets.


One and one-half yards of two contrasting materials is needed for each blanket.  Usually we contribute 15-20 blankets.


Anyone that would be interested in helping with cutting and/or tying the blankets, please contact Pam Norris.


If you are not able to shop for the fleece, any monetary contributions would be appreciated.


Medications are used to maintain a certain level of health, prevent an illness, or cure a physical condition.  For example when you healthcare provider orders a drug for blood pressure of diabetes, a specific level of that drug needs to be in your system to attain the desired outcome.  Therefore in order to reap the most benefit, it is important to understand why you need the medication, how to take it, how to store it, and what to expect from it. 


Don’t be afraid to ask questions because the more you know, the more compliant you will be with your treatment.  Consider some of these questions. Why are you taking drug? How will it affect you? Are there any side effects?  Should you drive when you are taking the medication? How quickly will you see results?  Do you need to take the entire prescription? Can you take the pill with something other than water?  If you have difficulty taking pills you might ask if the medication comes in another form.

 New Newsletter Series...

I am continuing to visit and interview members of our congregation and those interviews appear in this newsletter.  If you would rather not be interviewed, please tell me when I call you. 

                                                                                Joy Poppe

Roger Wahls was born August 8, 1945 at Pontiac IL.  He went four years to Confirmation along with Connie Manier and Sharon Stuckemeyer.  Roger and Pat were married December 28, 1974 and in December will be married forty-three years.  Roger has one son.  The things he likes best about our church is that it is doctrine sound, Scripture-based; one hears the Gospel every Sunday; and there is a sense of being with family and he really enjoys the young families.  Roger has been a member of our church since birth with the exception when he was in the service and when he lived in California between 1969 and 1991.  His favorite way to spend his free time is doing anything physical outside.  Working on the farm with his dad, his uncle and his grandpa are among his favorite childhood memories.  If he could talk to anyone he would enjoy talking with his grandparents and Harry Truman. Roger would like to be remembered “as a good friend.”   He wishes he were better at parenting and spelling; he said he almost wears out a dictionary.  He wishes that he would have done better in ‘eating healthy and training harder.’   When he was younger he wanted to be a fighter pilot.  Pulling weeds [walking beans] was his first job. People would be surprised that he would really like to be a professional baseball player.  He feels his parents, relatives, and one guy [Dan] he went to college with had the greatest influence on his life.  Dan was Bob Nylander’s roommate at college and was an ex-Marine.  His favorite quote came from a Marine – “My God, spouse and family love me, and they are happy and healthy; therefore, I have no problems.”







Pat Wahls was born in Waco TX on February 23, 1945.  Her parents were both in the Army; her mother was an Army Nurse.  When she was about six months old, she and her mother moved to Pennsylvania to await Pat’s father return from the war and Pennsylvania is where Pat grew up. She thinks she went to Confirmation for about one year.  Pat and Roger were married December 28, 1974 and will be married forty-three years in December.  She has one son, Joshua.  She likes that our church is Scripture-based, doctrine sound and she enjoys our church.  She has been a member of St. Paul’s since 1992.  Bible Study, sewing, knitting and reading are all ways she likes to spend her free time. Spending time with her Dad who had a sense of humor and a great laugh is her favorite childhood memory.   If she could talk to anyone it would be Jesus on a personal level; she wants to feel his love and his faith; and she would also like to talk to her parents.   She wishes she were better at parenting and when she was younger she wanted to be a secretary.  Her first job was a summer job as a secretary for two attorneys that were wonderful to work for.   The people that have had the greatest influence on her life were her parents, her wonderful family and Penny Wood – a Bible fellowship teacher in California.   Her favorite quote comes from Jeremiah 29:11—“ For I know what I have planned for you,’ says the Lord. ‘I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.











Diane Brandt was born at St. James Hospital in Pontiac on October 18, 1954.  She went to Confirmation for four years and was confirmed with Luann Schuler, Elizabeth Streid, Ken Memken and Dana Fuhr.  Diane and John were married September 1, 1973 and were married forty-two years before John passed away.  She has two children and two granddaughters.  The traditional-like service especially the liturgy is what Diane likes best about our church and enjoys playing it on the organ.  She has been a member of our church since baptism—December 16, 1954.  Her favorite way to spend her free time is shopping at the mall and going to re-sale shops.  Growing up on the farm would be her favorite childhood memory.  If she could talk to anyone it would be her Grandma Wilda Gentes.  She would like to be remembered as someone who tries very hard to get along with people.  She wishes she wasn’t a procrastinator and would just go forward and do the things that she puts off.  When she was younger she wanted to be either a beautician or a dietician.  Diane’s first job was detasseling corn and the bus would pick the kids at the City Park and bring them back to the City Park.  Her parents have had the greatest influence on her life and a couple of her favorite Bible verses include Psalm 23 and from Psalm 46- “God is my strength.”



Coming in October—St. Jude’s Garage Sale here at our church, October 6th & 7th with set up on the 4th and 5th