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August 2018 Newsletter

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St. Paul Ev. Lutheran Church

800 South Division Street

Chenoa, Il  61726


July 27, 2018

You Know You’re a Missouri Synod Lutheran When:


St. Paul’s Discipleship

Date Attendance Offering Missions
07-01 61 2601.00 50.00
07-08 74 1838.00 25.00
07-15 98 2882.71 28.00
07-22 64 1529.00 28.00

Holy Acts and Rites of the Church

We welcome Dennis and Karen Wiechman into our family of God.  Dennis and Karen have transferred their membership from Peace Lutheran Church, Hurst TX and are now living in Fairbury. 


From our Parish Nurse                                                                                                        Pam Norris


Physical water is essential for life but is a very limited resource with 97% either salty or undrinkable, 2% trapped in glaciers, and only 1% available for human use.  Just as essential but more abundant is the spiritual water offered to us for eternity through Jesus Christ.  How do you tap into God’s living water during your day?  Do you take in eight servings of God’s word along with your eight glasses of physical water?  If not, think how you can connect with God throughout your day.  



hank you so much to everyone for thinking of us and our little blessing!  The wipes and diapers will help as well as the gift cards.  The outfit/sleeper and blankets are so very cute.                                                        

                                                                  Christine, Jorge and Xavier


To the loving, caring and supportive members of St. Paul’s Lutheran—

I want to thank you all for your continued prayers that Jesus will heal my body of this cancer.  I am doing well after two weeks at Emory hospital having a stem cell transplant.  I know prayers have been answered!  Also I want to thank you at St. Paul’s for sending me the booklet – “Facing Illness with Hope, Leaning on Jesus.”  I have read it over and over.  I feel comfort, a strengthening in my faith and know Jesus is with me through all of this.  I know there is Hope in all things with trusting Jesus Christ.  I hope to one day in the near future hear the word “remission.”  Please continue to pray for me, I know there is power in prayer!

                                      Love—Jennifer Wahls Beizer

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Thank you so much for remembering the needy in our community with your donations of money and other items to the Chenoa Food Pantry.  We appreciate your donation. 

God Bless You – Sincerely, Kathleen Bounds

We have received a thank you from Concordia Gospel Outreach.

Thank you for your commitment to sharing the Gospel with those who need it most, both close to home and across the world.

When you give to Concordia Gospel Outreach, books that are sent to missionaries and mission teams working to share the message of Jesus Christ with children, youth and adults all over the world.

Your recent gift of $130.00 [from VBS] to the Mission Madagascar project will help us put the Gospel in the hands of more people who have not heard the Good News.

Sharing the Gospel is urgent work, and your gifts aid people who share the Gospel with those who desperately need to hear it.  Please visit our website, to read stories of your gift in action and discover more ways to partner with us in our mission.  And please, tell others to do the same.  The world needs Jesus!  Let’s proclaim Him!

From Our Adopted Seminary Student:

Dear Ladies Group,

We give thanks to the LORD for your support in this final year!

                                       In Christ,

                                       Jonathan, Dana, Asher and Eva

Also a note from him below:

Greetings in Christ!  I hope this update finds you doing well and that your summer has been very enjoyable thus far.

I want to update you on my vicarage progress.

It has been a wonderful experience and training so far.  Lone Wolf OK is a very small farming town but the hearts and the love the community, especially the folks at St. John’s Lutheran Church, has shown us is big!  We thank the LORD for their kindness, welcome, generosity, and help with us getting settled in to life here.  We are blessed.

         At the time of this update, I have completed almost seven months of my year-long vicarage assignment.  I have learned a ton and expect that to continue.  I have overseen the majority of pastoral duties since my vicarage began on December 4, 2017.  I have led every service, Advent and Lent included, except for only one Sunday we traveled out of town and make all regular shut-in and hospital visits as well as attend to parishioners as urgent needs arise.  I have prepared and preached 26 sermons to date during my vicarage and this month have begun preaching every service.  I also preached the only funeral we have had during my tenure.  The only areas I currently am not responsible for are baptisms and Holy Communion.  The pastor performs the specific duties associated with those sacraments.  I prepare all church services including hymn selection and full bulletin publishing.  This has given me a very healthy dose of parish life and the labors of a pastor.  I’m excited for what is to come.

I expect to successfully complete my vicarage and be ordained at the end of the year.  There is a slight change it could happen before that point, so I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the progress.  If St. John’s decides to call me as their pastor, the ordination and installation would happen here in Lone Wolf, OK.

Thank you again for the support you continue to give me through your correspondence, prayers and gifts.  The McCall four are tremendously blessed by you.  I look forward to the upcoming final updates I’ll be sending to you.  Until then, God bless you.           

                                                     Yours in Christ, Jonathan McCall

The Crawford Organ Company in Winamac IN has given the church an estimate for the volume control of the pedal that is maintenance of the organ.  A swell engine is the device inside the organ chamber that operates the shade louvers to control the volume output of the organ into the church.  Our current swell engines are air operated with eight leather bag compartments.  The leather inside the swell engine in the great chamber is deteriorating causing the shades to move very slow and to not fully close.

They would remove the current swell engine and replace it with motor driven swell engine that will be leather free and air free.  It would wire into the current organ computer system.  They would then remove the wind line from the old swell line and install a bung on the organ wind regulator where the wind line was connected.  The cost of this repair is $2800.00.  Any questions, contact Diane Brandt.  Since this is an expense not budgeted for, donations are being taken for this repair. 

The Organ Company has also given us an estimate for repair to the chimes.  This is a much larger expense and could be designated as a memorial option.

The 7th annual charity bike ride for the Village of Hope Guatemala, a ministry of Lifesong for Orphans in Gridley, IL  will be held on Saturday, August 4, 2018 near beautiful Moraine View State Park in rural LeRoy.  The starting/registration location will be at First United Methodist Church, 201 North Chestnut Street in LeRoy.  You can pre-register and see maps of the routes for the event by going to or register and receive a map the morning of August 4 between 6-9 am.  Bike riders are invited to experience a 10, 25, 35, or 50 mile bike ride and must wear a helmet.  A 2 or 4 mile walk/ride route for families will also be available so all ages are welcome to participate.


Village of Hope -Guatemala brings rescue, hope, healing and family to children who have lived through severe abuse, trauma and loss.  By you saying YES to this amazing opportunity, you will be making a lasting difference in these children’s lives. Many of the girls that come to Village of Hope are behind in school because they spent their lives being sex trafficked.  Village of Hope plans to build some trade school rooms in February or March of 2019 and hopes to raise between $20,000-$30,000 in order to teach them trades such as sewing, hair and nail care, and to create a small store to teach the young teens how to sell merchandise. 


If you would like to support the Village of Hope and are not able to participate in this event, you can do so by going to and click on the donate tab or send a check made payable to Lifesong for Orphans-VOH to Vera Wahls, 10187 E 1300 N Road, Pontiac, IL  61764.

Worship Time until September 9th –at 9 AM

Adult Bible Study on Sunday mornings – 8 AM