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October 2018 Newsletter

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St. Paul Ev. Lutheran Church

800 South Division Street

Chenoa, Il  61726


October 2, 2018


Why Be a Volunteer?

It’s not for money; it’s not for fame,

It’s not for any personal gain.

It’s just for love of fellowman,

It’s just to lend a helping hand.

It’s just to give a tithe of self. That’s something you can’t buy with wealth.

It’s not medals won with pride.

It’s for that feeling deep inside.

It’s that reward down in your heart.

It’s that feeling that you’ve been a part

Of helping others far and near

That makes you be a volunteer!


St. Paul’s Discipleship

Date Attendance Offering Missions
09-02 88 1515.00 30.00
09-09 110 3023.00 38.00
09-16 80 2113.00 25.00
09-23 94 2778.00 48.00
09-30 92 2871.75 150.00
Organ Offering   1835.00  

Holy Acts and Rites of the Church

On September 22, 2018, Xavier Jorge Lujano became of child of God by the washing of Holy Baptism.  Xavier, infant son of Jorge Ivan and Christine [Jolly] Lujano was born February 16, 2018.  His sponsors were Chris and Kaitlin Alvarez.  We ask God’s blessings upon this child and his parents.




hank you to those who volunteered to delivered ‘Peace Meals’ to the Chenoa Community.  Your efforts were greatly appreciated by those you served.


Fred Rhoda, Jim Raymond, Dennis and Karen Wiechman,  Judy Bertsche, Loren and Joy Poppe, Greg and Lois Pulaski, Nancy Nylander, Judy Rhoda Ken and Carolyn Shane,  Jim Meyer and Stacey Shrewsbsury.



he repair for the organ has been made which cost $2800.00 and the organ was retuned and some other repairs were made which was an additional $500 cost and there were enough donations to cover this entire cost.    Sincere thanks to all those who have contributed to the Organ Fund, your generosity is greatly appreciated.

St. Paul Church Family—

Thank you all so much for the generous basket of wipes, books, gift cards and more!  We greatly appreciate it.

                                                                       Thank you—

                                                       Travis, Lexi, Hayzel Heins


2019 LCMS National Youth Gathering

Sunday, October 7, all youth [along with their parents] that plan to attend the LCMS Youth Gathering in MN will meet with Pastor Jeremy after church.


DatesJul 11, 2019 – Jul 16, 2019


From our Parish Nurse                                                                                                        Pam Norris


Thank you to all who have graciously donated for Hayzel Mae Heins. The baby basket was delivered.


Thank you to all who have donated fleece for our blanket ministry.  This ministry will be a blessing to those who need to utilize the food pantry.

The next Health Cabinet meeting will be after worship on Sunday October 21st.  An agenda will be sent to the members.


Don’t Leave Meals to Fortune

A meal of rice, vegetables and chicken at a Chinese restaurant certainly sounds like a healthy option. What often sabotages the feast are some of the hidden calories in many of the dishes along with the extras that accompany them.


When it comes to the entree, your best bet is a stir-fry dish with non-breaded meat. Be aware that sodium levels will still be high, but at least you’re avoiding excessive fat.

Best entrees (with pulled, stir-fried chicken):

Worst Entrees:

Additional tips to keep the meal healthier:

For dessert, go ahead and enjoy the fortune cookie.  It’s a small portion at 30 calories per cookie.

Source:, printed by permission of Better Health


September Perfect Attendance


Joshua Gooding

Jarret Gooding

Sixth-Seventh Grade

Aaron Verdun

Cole Weber

First-Third Grade

Jacsen Gooding

Eighth Grade-High School

Chase Beitz

Elijah Beitz

Hannah Norris

Nathan Reed

Ben Rhoda

Aaron Shrewsbury

Nolan Verdun

Fourth-Fifth Grade

Alexis Gooding

Isaac Latzke

Dylan Verdun