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April 2019 Newsletter

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St. Paul Ev. Lutheran Church

800 South Division Street

Chenoa, Il  61726


April 2, 2019


Throughout our Wednesday services this Lent we have been using the theme, “Behold the man.” They were words spoken by Pilate as he presented Jesus before the people prior to his crucifixion. Though he didn’t realize it, it was a profound statement. The man that stood before them, who would soon be nailed to a cross, who would rise from the dead a few days later, was no mere man. He was God in the flesh. But the fact of his humanity, his person-ness, was equally of utmost importance. Here stood a God who hungered and thirsted. Here stood a God who had a mother and friends. Here stood a God who was subjected to scorn and ridicule. Here stood a God who took a licking, but never stopped ticking.





On Good Friday, he was crucified, died, and was buried. On Easter Sunday, he rose from his grave. And forty days later, he ascended into heaven, to sit down at the right hand of his Father in glory. So often, that’s where we leave him. That’s where we picture him. There, in heaven, far removed from our day to day lives. But that’s not who Jesus is. That isn’t the kind of God we are blessed to worship.




In July, some of our young people will be attending the National Youth Gathering in Minneapolis. And the theme for this year’s gathering is “Real. Present. God.” What a wonderful, if unintentional on my part, connection to our theme this Lent. Our God is real. Our Savior Jesus is 200% real: 100% man, and 100% God. And he is present. Though he sits at the right hand of the Father, his promise made to his disciples remains his promise to us: “And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” He is with us in our joys and our sorrows. He knows our struggles and temptations. He knows them, because he lived them himself. But more than being able to simply sympathize with us and offer us words of comfort, he does something about them.  Because he is God. He forgives us our trespasses. He has defeated the accuser, Satan. He has conquered the grave so that we, too, might not perish but have eternal life with him. What a blessing! What a reason to give thanks and sing!




This Easter, we are going to do something a little bit different. I mentioned our youth going to Minneapolis this summer. It’s a wonderful opportunity for their faiths to be fed and strengthened, but it doesn’t come free. We still need to raise some money to help make it a reality. So, on Easter morning, they will be providing a breakfast prior to worship. We humbly invite you to come and, if you are able and willing, to contribute a donation to their trip. But whether you give one dollar or a hundred, or even nothing at all, we’d love to have you come and spend some time with us in food and fellowship. Our meal will be served starting at 8 AM and will go until it’s time to gather in worship at 9.




God’s blessings to you this Eastertide,

Pastor Jeremy


Wednesday Services will continue with a light meal at 5:30, Confirmation at 6 PM and Worship at 7 PM.  Please plan to attend.


St. Paul’s Discipleship

Date Attendance Offering Missions
03-03 84 3636.00 75.00
03-06 49 637.00  
03-10 88 1672.00 38.00
03-13 51 489.00  
03-17 93 2149.00 50.00
03-20 43 417.00  
03-24 100 2156.00 10.00
03-27 46 380.00  
03-31 96 2928.00 30.00
Ladies Restroom Renovation   60.00  
Vacation Bible School   80.00  

Holy Acts and Rites of the Church

We welcome Linda Grandon to our family of God.  Linda lives in Fairbury [a neighbor of Mary Dohleman] and was a former member of United Methodist Church in Fairbury but was confirmed at Christ Lutheran Church in Normal



We also welcome Cindy Meister to our family of God.  Cindy lives in Fairbury and joins our congregation by reaffirmation of faith.

We ask God’s blessings for both Linda and Cindy.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *   *

On Sunday, March 24th, Dylan Verdun received First Communion.  May God bless Dylan. 

The Youth will be serving Breakfast on Easter Sunday at 8 AM.  A free-will offering will be taken which will be used to help finance their trip to the Youth Gathering in Minneapolis this summer. 

From our Parish Nurse                                                                                                        Pam Norris

Blood Pressure checks will be taken after worship on April 7th.



Health cabinet will be meeting after worship on April 14th. 2019. Agenda will be sent to members

The first 3 months of 2019 have seen more cases of measles in the U.S. than all of 2018, according to the CDC.

Only 2014 has had more measles cases (667) since the disease was declared eliminated in the U.S. in 2000.

Six areas report ongoing outbreaks, including New York City; Rockland County, N.Y.; Washington State; Santa Cruz and Butte counties, Calif.; and New Jersey.

From the CDC website:

I’ve been exposed to someone who has measles. What should I do?

A: Immediately call your doctor and let him or her know that you have been exposed to someone who has measles. Your doctor can

       determine if you are immune to measles based on your vaccination record, age, or laboratory evidence, and

       make special arrangements to evaluate you, if needed, without putting other patients and medical office staff at risk.

If you are not immune to measles, MMR vaccine or a medicine called immune globulin may help reduce your risk developing measles. Your doctor can help to advise you, and monitor you for signs and symptoms of measles.

If you do not get MMR or immune globulin, you should stay away from settings where there are susceptible people (such as school, hospital, or childcare) until your doctor says it’s okay to return. This will help ensure that you do not spread it to others.

Am I protected against measles?

A: CDC considers you protected from measles if you have written documentation (records) showing at least one of the following:

       You received two doses of measles-containing vaccine, and you are a(n)—

       school-aged child (grades K-12)

       adult who will be in a setting that poses a high risk for measles transmission, including students at post-high school education institutions, healthcare personnel, and international travelers.

       You received one dose of measles-containing vaccine, and you are a(n)—

       preschool-aged child

       adult who will not be in a high-risk setting for measles transmission.

       A laboratory confirmed that you had measles at some point in your life.

       A laboratory confirmed that you are immune to measles.

       You were born before 1957.

       Q: How effective is the measles vaccine?

       A: The measles vaccine is very effective. One dose of measles vaccine is about 93% effective at preventing measles if exposed to the virus. Two doses are about 97% effective.

       Q: Could I still get measles if I am fully vaccinated?

       A: Very few people—about three out of 100—who get two doses of measles vaccine will still get measles if exposed to the virus. Experts aren’t sure why. It could be that their immune systems didn’t respond as well as they should have to the vaccine. But the good news is, fully vaccinated people who get measles are much more likely to have a milder illness. And fully vaccinated people are also less likely to spread the disease to other people, including people who can’t get vaccinated because they are too young or have weakened immune systems.

March Perfect Attendance


Joshua Gooding
Jarret Gooding
Elaine Schmidgall
Sixth - Seventh Grade

Cole Weber

First-Third Grade

Jacsen Gooding

Henry Schmidgall

Fourth-Fifth Grade

Isaac Latzke
Eighth Grade-High School

Chase Beitz
Clayton Beitz
Elijah Beitz
Hannah Norris
Nathan Reed

Baptismal Birthdays


The following students celebrated baptismal birthdays in April: Madison McBride (4/1), Dylan Verdun (4/6), Elaine Schmidgall (4/6), and Clayton Beitz (4/24).



In Prayer

Please keep the Sixth – Seventh grade teachers and students in your prayers during the month of April.  For our teacher: Mr. Leon Beitz, pray that God may grant him wisdom, strength and knowledge to share His Word with the children and to help them grow spiritually.  For our students: Brooklyn McBride, Aaron Verdun, and Cole Weber, that they may understand the depth of God’s love for them as they grow to become strong men and women who live for God’s Glory.



Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt will take place after Easter service on April 21, 2019.




Choir Rehearsals for Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter will continue on Sundays at 8:45 AM in the Choir Loft.  Please join us to sing praises to God!




Thank you to those that served in the ministry of delivering Peace Meals the month of March—Fred Rhoda, Mark Schuler, John Schuler, Randy Miller, Joe and Judy Bertsche, Loren and Joy Poppe, Dennis and Karen Wiechman and Greg and Lois Pulaski.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.  




Mark your calendars--VBS will be held June 10-17 this year.  Monday-Thursday in the morning with a Friday evening session and closing ceremony  Anna Schmidgall, once again, will be heading up the VBS this year. Please consider volunteering to help with VBS this year! We will need station and group leaders as well as help decorating and setting up for the week.  

HIS KIDS Preschool registrations begins March 1st for the next year.  Class size is limited.  Please let Kathy Trachsel know if you are interested in registering a 3 or 4 year old.  [Must be 3 or 4 on or before September 1st.]


HIS Kids is recycling all old markers and highlighters to the Crayola Company.  They do not have to be Crayola brand.  There will be a box by the classroom door.  Please save your old dried up markers and bring them to our container!  Thank you!







Carson Gregory, Kathy Trachsel’s grandson is collecting monetary and material donations for St. Jude as a project for his National Honor Society. He has become heavily invested in St. Jude over the past few years- traveling to Memphis, seeing St. Jude, and meeting the many people it has affected.  St. Jude is in dire need of supplies or money in order to better take care of their young patients.

Of course, money will be accepted and greatly appreciated. However, direct donations of supplies will have the greatest impact on the young St. Jude patients and their families.



Supplies needed are listed below:
Children's books
Art supplies (paint, paper, brushes, etc.)
Infant toys (cannot be stuffed)
Board games
Common gift cards (for families at St. Jude)

Any other donations will gladly be accepted. Thank you in advance for making the lives of the kids at St. Jude better, fuller, and happier

                                                                                                           Carson Gregory

If you’d like to donate Kathy Trachsel has a tub by her Preschool room.  Thank you in advance for helping Carson with his project and helping the kids of St. Jude. 


*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *   *

The  First United Methodist Church of Fairbury invites you to a most thoughtful portrayal of the “Last Supper on Maundy Thursday, April 18th at 8 PM.  This is a presentation of the last meal in the Upper Room with Jesus and His disciples.  It is presented for you in hope and prayer that you will have better knowledge of that night which was so meaningful for Jesus and the Twelve.