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February 2019 Newsletter

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St. Paul Ev. Lutheran Church

800 South Division Street

Chenoa, Il  61726


February 6, 2019

Dear friends in Christ,


Last month I shared with you some information and an invitation to come and hear Rev. Heath Curtis speak at Trinity, El Paso on the evening of February the 18th. I would like to again make you aware of this presentation and invite anyone who is interested in learning about the issues facing churches today to attend. As it is, I, and members of both the elders and church council plan to go. Even if there is nothing immediately actionable that comes from it, the information shared will help us keep things in perspective as we consider the realities facing our Lord’s church, both positive and challenging, in the months and years ahead.



In the meantime, many thanks to all those who ordered sandwiches from our youth. As a fundraiser it was an enormous success and a blessed help toward reaching their goal for attending the National Youth Gathering in July. Sometime soon there will be a poster showing where we are in our progress toward our final goal.



I would also like to thank everyone for both their understanding and their faithfulness as we dealt with some terrible weather the last couple Sundays in January. As a pastor I never like having to cancel church, but doing so the one week seemed prudent considering the road conditions. The next week, when the wind and temperatures were fairly brutal, I will confess to be unsure how many people would choose to leave the warm confines of their homes. It cheered my heart to see how many did. If you didn’t, fret not. As wonderful a blessing as it is to gather with God’s family in worship, I don’t want anyone endangering their health or safety in order to come.



For the sake of those who can’t make it to church on any given Sunday, we have again started recording each week’s sermon. Once it gets uploaded to YouTube, usually on Tuesday, it will be shared on church’s Facebook page.




May God bless you and watch over you today and always.


In Christ,

Pastor Jeremy

St. Paul’s Discipleship

Date Attendance Offering Missions
01-06 77 2091.00 55.00
01-20 75 2536.00 95.00
01-28 84 2690.25  
Ladies Restroom   53.00  
Ladies   100.00  

Holy Acts and Rites of the Church

Our sympathy to the family of Ronnie Erdman who was given Christian burial on January 28, 2019.  Ronnie was born November 1, 1930, was baptized November 23, 1930 and confirmed those baptismal vows in 1945.  He passed away January 20, 2019.  


ould someone be willing to play the piano [or organ or guitar] for the hymns during our worship service sometime?  Contact Diane.

From our Parish Nurse                                                                                                        Pam Norris

The food pantry can use can goods of spaghetti O's, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, Mac and cheese, soups, laundry supplies, personal hygiene products, Kid's coats, hats, and mittens or gloves.

Prairie Central is again offering Preschool Screening which is a free developmental screening and open to children from birth to 5 years of age.  They are sponsored by Livingston County Special Services Unit, the Livingstone County Member Districts, OSF Medical Center and Livingston County Health Department.  Areas screened include vision, hearing, speech, language, learning, motor and social skills.  Children who have been screened in the past and have no developmental concerns do not need to attend. 

Screenings will take place at Prairie Central West @ Fairbury on March 19 and 20, 815 945-2971.  You are asked to call the school the week prior to the screening date to make an appointment.  

January Perfect Attendance

Fourth - Fifth Grade

Isaac Latzke
Dylan Verdun
Sixth - Seventh Grade

Aaron Verdun

Eighth Grade - High School

Chase Beitz

Clayton Beitz

Elijah Beitz

Hannah Norris

Nathan Reed

Nolan Verdun

Baptismal Birthdays


The following students celebrated baptismal birthdays in February: Isaac Latzke (2/7); Jacsen Gooding (2/20); and Carolyn Schmidgall (2/21). 


In Prayer

Please keep the Preschool – Kindergarten teacher and students in your prayers during the month of February.  For our teachers: Mrs. Danielle Gooding, pray that God may grant her wisdom, strength and knowledge to share His Word with the children and to help them grow spiritually.  For our students: Joshua & Jarrett Gooding, Ethan Latzke, Adeline Potter, Brock Freed, Reese Meyer, and Elaine Schmidgall, that they may understand the depth of God’s love for them as they grow to become strong men and women who live for God’s Glory.



HIS Kids is recycling all old markers and highlighters to the Crayola Company.  They do not have to be Crayola brand.  There will be a box by the classroom door.  Please save your old dried up markers and bring them to our container!  Thank you!


Website:                                                       February 2019

Don’t forget to direct Thrivent Choice Dollars

Grant funding from Thrivent Financial through its Thrivent Choice program can help support organizations you care about. Don’t let Choice Dollars expire.

Eligible Thrivent Financial members who have Choice Dollars available are asked to direct any remaining Choice Dollars. Help support the Central Illinois District- Springfield, IL. Go to to learn more. Or call 800-847-4836 and say “Thrivent Choice” after the prompt. If you’re an eligible Thrivent Financial member and have Choice Dollars available to direct, please keep us in mind.

Being the Shepherd’s Hands:

On Saturday morning, May 4 (10:00 am – Noon) Deaconess Rachel Jaseph of Shepherd of the City Lutheran Church, Ft. Wayne, Ind. will speak at Wittenberg Student Center, (Normal, Illinois) about the work done by this urban congregation in developing an outreach center, especially a two-pronged initiative to provide nutrition and after-school tutoring for neighborhood children. Her experience can be especially helpful for city or larger town churches that do not operate elementary schools at their sites. Others can learn from it too. Watch for further details but save the date!