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June 2020 Newsletter

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St. Paul Ev. Lutheran Church

405 Emma

Chenoa, Il  61726


May 28, 2020




Here's the link to sign up for services starting Saturday, June 6. All of the June services are there, so if you are signing up for more than one at a time, please double check your dates and the number of people you are signing up.



It is already looking as though at least one more service is going to be needed. This will most likely be on Sundays, and probably at 11:15. That isn’t set in stone yet, so keep an eye on Facebook and the Signup Genius page for that.




If you do sign up for a service, and I very much hope you do, please consider only signing up for one service at the moment as we try to make sure everyone who wants to attend has a chance to. As a pastor it feels strange and wrong to ask anyone to consider *not* attending each and every week. I certainly don’t want you to think I’m discouraging you from coming as frequently as possible, but the reality is we don’t want anyone who wants to come to be completely shut out.

We’ve never had to do it this way before, and hopefully we won’t need to for long. But for the time being, I again ask for your patience and prayers for wisdom as we figure out how to make this work. If you are unable to make it for a service for any reason, you can email me to set up a time to come and receive the Lord’s Supper individually/as a family. I can’t wait to see you!


If everything would fill up and you were not able to get an available space, or would like to schedule a time to come in to receive communion at another time during the week, please let me know via email ( Service times will be added as needed.

In Christ, Pastor Latzke

St. Paul’s Discipleship

Date Attendance Offering Missions
Mailed in May    
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athy Trachsel will be retiring at the end of May 2021 from the preschool.  As it is right now Kathy will be teaching the 4 year old class only for 2020/2021.  If anyone is interested in teaching the 3 year old class next year or interested in taking over the preschool program please contact Tom Norris, Pastor Latzke, or Kathy Trachsel.






Rose Bailey [friend of Jonnita Vogel’s,]

Norman Beitz

Alma Brucker

Michelle Darguzis

Mary Dohleman

Stacie Hensley

Barbara Lambert [mother of principal at PCJH]

Donna Leonard [friend of Roger & Pat Wahls]

Trent Nelson [Natashia Nelson’s father-in-law]

Carla Nobis [at Good Samaritan Home]

Thom Palmer [high school friend of Pat Wahls]

Elaine Rhoda

Rick Trachsel [cousin of Roger Seeman]

Karen Wiechmann [to have surgery June 1st]

Jalene Wollford [grade school student at St. Mary’s, Pontiac]


Please notify Joy if anyone could be removed from the Prayer List.


From our Parish Nurse                                                                                                        Pam Norris



There’s been much in the media about herd immunity, with varying understanding of what this means.  So all are clear, from the oxford dictionary:  her immunity: resistance to spread of contagious disease within a population, that results if sufficiently high proportion of individuals are immune to disease especially through vaccination.  This can range from 83-94%  of the population is immune (due to vaccination). 

Parents:  make sure you continue with your child’s immunizations.  The healthcare provider’s offices are safe to go to.  Please contact them to schedule needed routine vaccines!!





Names and Phone Numbers of the church, Pastor Jeremy, Elders and Pam Norris, Parish Nurse are listed below.



St. Paul Lutheran
Pastor Jeremy Latzke
Blake Beitz
David Coan
Jim Meyer
Randy Miller
Steve Shrewsbury
Roger Wahls
Pam Norris